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Dr. Mark Wolff graduated from National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois and established Franklin Chiropractic Center in 1989. His continued professional education has been a priority and includes extensive orthopedic training, disability impairment rating, certification in nutritional counseling, whiplash and concussive education, and much, much more. He has successfully treated thousands of patients with a wide variety of complaints.

- Dr. Mark R. Wolff, DC

Our Practice

Established in 1989. Franklin Chiropractic Center, S.C. - Dr. Mark R. Wolff, DC and Dr. Cody A. Wolff, DC continue to proudly serve our local areas which include all of Southeast Wisconsin, Franklin, WI, Greendale, WI, Milwaukee, WI, Oak Creek, WI, and West Allis, WI.  Thousands of patients with a wide variety of complaints have been successfully treated at Franklin Chiropractic Center.  Our main goal is to provide pain relief and to help you achieve your best functional ability. When pain-free and functional, we teach you how to maintain your improved state with simple activities you can do in your own home. We provide health education and lifestyle coaching unique to your individual needs. We are truly passionate about helping you understand how to be your very best!


Professional Associations

  • Wisconsin Chiropractic Association


Areas Served

  • All of Southeast Wisconsin

  • Franklin, WI

  • Greendale, WI

  • Milwaukee, WI

  • Oak Creek, WI

  • West Allis, WI

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