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Franklin Chiropractic Center

Improve Your Daily Living! 

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Each patient is unique and requires comprehensive understanding of their health conditions.  We treat patients from all walks of life with different ages, lifestyles, pre-existing conditions and health goals.  Whether you're experiencing a new problem, are looking for health information or want to reach your highest level of wellness, we are here to help!  Our patients are our number one priority and greatest pride.  Do not "wait for it to go away",  come in and improve your daily living today!  

What to Expect?

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New Patient?  New Problem?


Your first appointment will take about an hour.  You’ll sit down with your chiropractor to talk about your health history, current complaint, past medical history and any other relevant information.  Then, we’ll record vital signs, perform orthopedic and neurological examinations and may have you go through a functional exam for further information.  We develop specific treatment plans for each patient based on their history and exam findings and provide our best conservative care catered to the individual.  You will be treated on the first visit unless x-rays or other imaging are necessary for further health information. Your chiropractor will send you home with instructions to improve your condition further before the next visit!

Treatment Plan and Results

A regular visit will take about 15-40 minutes.  You will receive any necessary physiotherapies, myofascial work, deep tissue work and/or an adjustment.  Exercises, stretches and ergonomics are demonstrated throughout the course of a treatment plan to help you help yourself at home.  Once we've worked through the first steps of care and your symptoms are reduced, we’ll re-examine your condition and make any changes to the treatment plan to accommodate your progress.  Though we strive for efficient scheduling and visit times, we will spend all the time necessary to thoroughly address your needs and answer any questions you have.  When your primary problem has improved it is important to maintain progress with periodic wellness care visits.  We not only want to resolve your issues but want to keep you functioning at your best!

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